Annette Maister

Accounting Manager (Part Time Consultant)

Annette has worked for HP Hanna & Company Ltd since 1999 after completing a Certificate in Accounting from the College of Education. 

She has a very good knowledge of Excel and has created many spreadsheets that staff and clients have been able to use. 

Annette is also responsible for dealing with any computer issues and ensuring MYOB, Banklink and any other software is up to date on our system, and updating reports for MYOB when the need arises. 

Annette officially 'retired' in March 2016 but will remain with us as a part time Consultant on computer matters and assist other Accounting Managers where needed. She enjoys her contact with clients and helping them in any way she can.

Annette enjoys a spot of fishing and will be able to indulge in this interest a little more now she is retiring.